Queen City Annual General Meeting

Queen City Annual General Meeting

Monday 20 August 2018
18:30 - 20:30
By Charles Keener
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I. Year End Reports from Officers
a. President – Angel McClarney
b. Vice President – Herk Koranski
c. Coaches Report – Ken Stone
d. Captain – Joe Kuka/Hayden Kinnear
e. Secretary – Brad Zieg
f. Treasurer – Nick Opp
g. Old Boy Liaison – Chet Marshall
h. Member at Large – Juan Ureta

II. Club Discussions
a. Sponsorship
i. Nallen’s, Yanni’s, Air Force, Fox Hollow Vet and Dr. Proctors
b. CIPP – September 1st
c. 2018-2019 Schedule
i. Coaching
ii. Training (time and location)
iii. Home pitch

III. Social Events/Activities
a. EOS Banquet and Award Ceremony
b. Kick-off to Fall and Spring Parties
c. Swine Bowl
d. Poker Tournament

IV. Elections
a. President
b. Vice President
c. General Manager
d. Secretary
e. Treasurer
f. Social Chair
g. Old Boys Coordinator
h. Equipment Manager
i. Sponsorship Coordinator

V. 2018-2019 Goals
VI. New Business
VII. Adjournment

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